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Financial Due Diligence and Asset Investigations

Before you File a Law Suit , think about this...


Before you take "Good Money" that is in your Bank Account and pay a Lawyer $ 2,500.00 to $ 10,000.00 or more on a retainer to File a Law Suit think about this.

80% of the Court Ordered Judgements go uncollected because once you get the Court Order it is up to you to Collect the Judgement and if you don't know how to collect you never will.

But additionally what if you go through all the cost of a Legal Battle and find out the Defendant doesn't have any money or assets.

Do the research upfront and make sure you don't spend good money with no chances of recovering anything.

Lawyers will...


Lawyers will always tell you that getting a Court Ordered Judgement means you will get that amount of money and they never tell you the chances of recovering the Judgement are less than 20%.

Even more they will eat up Thousands and Thousands of Dollars that you need to pay upfront in order to win in court if you actually do win.

Think all Lawyers are Moral and Ethical? 

Most Lawyers are, while a portion aren't  they are a business and making money is there goal.

Would you get 2 or 3 opinions before a major surgery?


Say you have a Major Surgery coming up, would you talk to a few Doctors and get other opinions before you go under the knife??

Well I certainly would , so why wouldn't you want to get other opinions before you spend Thousands and Thousands of Dollars in a Court Battle where you may or may not win and you only have a 20% chance to recover money if you win.

Getting additional opinions may increase your odd's or send you in a different direction all together.

What Due Diligence can do for you..


  1. Save you time and headaches
  2. Allows you to  know your opponent before going to War
  3. Helps plan the best strategy for victory
  4. Lets you know if the Person or Business your seeking damages from has the means and ability to pay
  5. With proper Due Diligence and Research your chances of winning in Court and your chances of Recovering the Judgement increase substantially 

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Important things to know...


  1. Before you spend money on a Lawyer and start a Court Battle, get 2-3 other opinions on your case
  2. 80% of Court Ordered Judgements go unpaid and un-recovered
  3. Its best before you go to War that you know your opponent inside and out as it should dictate your strategy
  4. You should know the Statue of Limitations on your case and claim as timing is everything
  5. Increase your odds of recovering your Court Ordered Judgement by working the case before racing to Court